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COVID-19 Updates

Vaccination Clinic Dates:

December 29, 2020 9 am-4 pm

January 19, 2020 9 am - 4 pm

February 9, 2020 9 am - 4 pm


Positive Cases At Welcome Nursing Home:


Current Week: 0

Cummulative: 54

Recovered: 39


Current Week: 0

Cummulative: 50


Current Week: 0

Cummulative: 1


**The Federal Government now requires facilities to test, or verify testing from any contractor providing services to the facility or residents. These include but are not limited to: transportation services, Physicians, CNP's, Hospice Care providers, plumbers, electricians, etc.  If any of these individuals test positive facilities are required to report them as a facility positive. Under this guidance facilities are required to initiate Outbreak Testing  regardless of potential exposures, use of PPE or contract tracing.  

 Federal Positivity Rate: 12.9% = Level 3 RED

Mitigation Efforts:

Mitigation efforts to Prevent the Acquisition & Spread of COVID-19 - Updated 9/21/20

Links to Family Letters:

Family Letter 1/15/21

Family Letter 12/30/20

Family Letter and Vaccination Clinic Dates 12/21/20

Dr. Eren's Letter regarding Vaccination

Family Letter 12/19/20

Family Letter 12/10/20

Family Letter 11/23/20

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Neighbor Letter from Hospital Partners 11/17/20

Letter to Families and Residents regarding Voting

Family Letter 10/16/20 - Inside Visitation Update

Family Letter 9/25/20

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Family Letter 6/29/20

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Family Letter 4/29/20

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Family Letter 3/29/20

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 Family Letter 3/13/20

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 Family Letter 3/9/20 

Video Updates:

Resident, Family and Staff Update on Testing 9/3/20

Resident and Family Update 8/14/20

Resident Update 6/19/20 

Resident Hand Hygiene Educational Video 6/5/20

Resident, Family & Staff Update 5/25/20

Articles:                                                                        Resources:

Oberlin Review                                                                   Ohio Public Health Advisory System

I Love You Birthday Girl                                                       OHCA Vaccination Facts 

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